Sometimes, in life, you come to a point where nothing goes your way. Years of hard work seem futile; there is no drive to work further. The latest phone, the best of clothes, even the glitz of the city does nothing to cheer you up and for some,the very purpose of life is lost.One can always find solace in family and friends but solace alone is not enough to get you back on your feet. What you really need is a bit of motivation, some words of encouragement and voila! Colour returns back to life. It might seem a little strange but, neither you norme, can actually help it, we are after all, human.

Like food drives our body, motivation drives the soul. When our inner self is down and feeling low, we all need a boost of positivity that can help us spring back. For many people, it can be a motivational speech, an anecdote from a famous personality, a simple story about someone who fought all odds and achieved what he/she set out to do. Starting a company from scratch is motivating, climbing the Everest is motivating, an underdog team winning a game of football is motivating but none of this can be motivating, if you do not know the story behind it. How do you get to know these stories then? Well, that’s why BeThink TV was founded.

What’s BeThink TV?

BeThink TV, a brand new Web TV, brings you all the motivational stories from around the globe. BeThink TV strongly believes that the right dose of motivation at the right time can help boost your abilities. So, the next time, you feel a bit low, simply tune into this web TV and see something that will inspire you. We are sure that our carefully curated content will help you stay motivated and reach your full potential every time the chips are down.

What motivates us?

BeThink TV is driven by a simple aim to help everybody get back into the positive frame of mind. We all know that when we are in a positive frame of mind, we enjoy doing things that we do, no matter how mundane they might be. Once you enjoy working, then work actually gives you joy and satisfaction. And that’s exactly what drives us. The joy of seeing you get back into the positive frame of mind and the satisfaction that our Web TV is making a difference to people’s lives.

Who we are

BeThink TV is a part of the G2One Network, the conglomerate that has a number of banners under it ranging from self-help blogs to online marketing sites, publications and many more. G2One Network is managed by its Founder/CEO, Karan Chopra (a young and aggressive entrepreneur).