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Technology In The Last 100 Years

“Where has technology taken us in the last 100 years?

“Come and view the display sponsored by the Faculty of Education. See the technology change from comptometers to typewriters to the start of computer age leading to where we are today. There will be hands on displays with a brief history to outline type, original cost, technical specifications and age of each unit. See some interesting advertising campaigns.

Learn To Get Ideas For Your eCommerce Startup

The video showcases the excellent tips on how one can get started his/her eCommerce startup.

Fall Colors With T6s – Photography Tips

Fall Colors With T6s - Photography Tips

On a recent McKay Photography Academy trip I share fall color tips for better photos. – PhotoRec Toby

How To Make Your Instagram Look Good

The video showcases the vlogger Danielle Marie sharing tips on creating the perfect Instagram “theme”, how to make your Instagram look good, what filters to use, what editing apps to use, how to plan out your theme, and how to find cute picture ideas.

Future 2020: Next Generation Gadgets Technology In 2020

The video showcases what the future to be look-alike in 2020.

How To Take Better Instagram Photos

Hey guys! Today I am sharing my top 10 tips on how to take better Instagram photos! My amazing friends Brad and Hailey filmed this video for me! –  Aspyn Ovard

Creating A Finished Illustration In Adobe Ideas

The video showcases how to create a multi-layered color illustration using Adobe Ideas.

The Ultimate Space-Saving PC – Desk PC Build Log

The Ultimate Space-Saving PC - Desk PC Build Log

What do you do when you’re sick of having a tower on your floor or desk? You build the PC into your desk. – LinusTechTips

Day In The Life Of A YouTuber

Day In The Life Of A Youtuber

What actually a day in the life of a YouTuber looks alike, explains MasterOv.

How To Build An Online Business

How To Build An Online Business

The video showcase that how to build an online business.

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