This short film is a story revolving around Bholu, a street kid in search of his mother. As we observe few minutes of Bholu’s life, we will eventually realize how vulnerable his life is. The film delivers an important message, which will eventually ‘drive’ towards a helping hand in future, for the unfortunate children on streets… children like ‘Bholu’.


Creating Bholu’s character was the toughest part of this short film. The film went through rounds of edits by the best technicians in business and yet it was put away in the back-burner again and again, as the film felt incomplete each time. The entire team was driven to make Bholu come alive. Finally, we waited for the right approach and things just fell in place. I am grateful to every one who has been a part of our short film – Bholu, directly or indirectly… you guys made it possible!

Director’s note

This movie is made from candidly shot footage. Entire story is created on the edit… another way of story-telling.


  • Presenter: B.S.Films
  • Production: Krish Films
  • Line Producer: Samuel Joshua
  • Executive Producer: Ritesh Gadasia
  • Poetry: Vishesh K.
  • Cameraman: Kunal Sonik
  • Editors: Sandeep Kumar Sahoo, Manas S.Jacob and Sundeep Karkera
  • Voice Artist: Krish Sandhu
  • Original Soundtrack Composer: Jayesh Zaveri
  • Producer: Shweta Sandhu
  • Concept & Direction: Avi Sandhu


A vote of thanks to the world of technologies that include Sony Camcorder, Seagate, Pentium Core Quad, Samsung TFT, Nvidia, Apple Mac, Final Cut Pro, iball, Dell, Adobe premiere, Ulead, imovie, Windows Movie Maker, Google and YouTube. Special thanks to the souls at the Infinity mall signal, Presenter: B.S.Films, Production: Krish Films, Line Producer: Samuel Joshua, Executive Producer: Ritesh Gadasia, Cameraman: Kunal Sonik, Editors: Sandeep Kumar Sahoo, Manas S. Jacob and Sundeep Karkera; Voice Artist: Krish Sandhu, Original Soundtrack Composer: Jayesh Zaveri, Producer: Shweta Sandhu and Poet: Vishesh k. Thank you all for believing in Bholu… and thanks to you all for giving your precious time to Bholu.

Bholu by Avi Sandhu is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.