Colorful White

The Inspiration

In 2011, during a bright autumn, I visited Venice and Burano with some friends. I was so inspired by all the colors, I wanted to make a film about it the year after, during my graduation. In 2013 I graduated with this short animation, it was the result of 8 months hard work. Now 2 years later I share this film with you. I present to you Colourful White.

The Idea

“Colourful White is a story about a young girl. She starts a search to who she really is in a very peculiar fashion. She lives in a village full of colored houses, yet her own house is white. After a thorough examination she decides to make a change. What color will it be? Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Blue or Green? Will she be able to make a choice and listen to herself?”

International Festivals

Colourful White was shown at the following festivals: Netherlands Film Festival, Milano Film Festival, Ficil Bio Bio (International Festival Chili), International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival (VaraĹždin, Croatia), AniFestROZOFA Film Festival (Shkodra Albania).

The Movie


Colourful White – A Film By Julia Jager is licensed under a Creative Commons License.